I like you so much better when you're naked

Look, Fox News doesn’t have time to cover the 276 kidnapped girls in Nigeria unless it’s somehow a bigger scandal for Hillary than Benghazi.

The man of today did not establish this patriarchal regime, but he profits by it, even when he criticizes it. And he has made it very much a part of his own thinking.

—Simone de Beauvoir (via w-indigo-vertigo)

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Our movement’s name isn’t actually Feminism but in truth, the League of Bitter Misandrist Hags Who Burn Phalluses in Effigy Nightly and Wake Ourselves Up With a Fresh Vial of Male Tears in the morning. LOBMHWBPIENWOUWFVMT is a doozy of an acronym. You can see why we changed it to feminism to begin with.


Neil deGrasse Tyson is not impressed with all your sexism.

Edit: This post made it to the Science tag! As a science aficionado this of course makes me happy.

So lots of people have reblogged pointing out the irony that I didn’t even include the names of the scientists in my original post. This is mostly true. I did include their names on my post, but that was only in the tag section, and even that it was for my own reference purposes. Had I known this was going to be reblogged like mad and added to an educational category I, would have at least included links to their respective biographies and stuff, instead of only just my glib commentary.*

But that is what the edit feature is for, I suppose. SO HERE ARE SOME LINKS:


* Not that I will ever regret writing glib commentary about Neil deGrasse Tyson throwing some serious shade to the past.

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We went to this burger place for lunch (turned out to be a drag bar which was shitty in other ways) but the walls were papered with rolling stones covers and it just really becomes obvious when you see lots of magazine covers next to each other that men are treated as people and women are treated as objects.

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